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  • Ali Sadeghinia

Trials and Errors

We all grew up going through trials and errors with almost everything we have learned/accomplished in life. Some took more tries before the success and some took fewer tries. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that life is all about the trials and errors.

The point that the last paragraph gets me to make is that, we are not here to always be there to eliminate those trials that lead to errors for our children. We are here to teach them values and life lessons required to thoughtfully eliminate the bad trials ourselves before putting our time and energy into.

What children need is to learn core values such as Discipline, Consistency, and Patience to name a few.

However, it doesn't end there. They need to learn to incorporate these values and life lessons into their tasks. They need to learn how important the integration of these Behaviors are in their life.

And the people that can be most effective in teaching them such values are their role models.

Their role models should preferably be their parents because they are the people that will have a bigger foundational ground for trust and love.

Yet many parents are distracted with their work life and don't even realize that doing chores alone will not be efficient in teaching their kids the important life lessons. It will actually take work and effort. It requires a conscious and present attention. A conscious purpose.

More on the background material for the approach on later posts...

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