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  • Ali Sadeghinia

The Most Important Goal and Purpose of All Parents

Parents have different levels of expectations of their children. Whether that is a good or bad doesn't really matter in understanding of the most important outcome that all parents desire;

That is being able to raise their children to become Responsible and Independent adults. The journey with all its ups and downs that simply narrows down to whether your kid becomes Independent and Responsible or not.

and believe it or not, in this case, the sooner the better.

Let's take a step back and analyze the 2 different outcomes of this matter in a child that has recently entered the adulthood;

There are 2 ends of the spectrum for our newly adult kids:

1. Those who have learned responsibility taking and what comes with it;

2. Those who have not learned responsibility taking and what comes with it.

Now I understand that it would be impossible to be perfect at anything, but it sure is possible to be terrible at something.

That something should not be the ability to take responsibility.

  1. Those who have already adopted some skills that allows them to take on responsibilities will always be able to do and perform much better than their colleagues. Not because it is a competition. Because they understand the value of everything around them. They understand the value of the opportunities they are given or have earned. They are more likely to have found or are in search for their purpose and passion in life.

  2. Those who have NOT adopted these skills efficiently and effectively. They tend to have difficulties with their day-to-day living when it comes to anything and everything. In all ranges of intelligence, they will face much bigger struggles to become successful in their lives. These struggles are not the ones that have only one outcome of building someone's character; these struggles can also be the very determinant factor of someone's down fall in any aspect of life.

Stay tuned for the rest of the issues, causes, and consequences.

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