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  • Ali Sadeghinia

Surface level knowledge

To continue on the topic of kids being exposed to many teachers in-person and online;

this creates an identity confusion in younger generations. At a point in their lives where their identity is not fully developed, and yet they are exposed to many different lifestyles, life values, and variety of positive and negative judgments on them.

As humans we are, we won't be able to absorb and live the many Lifestyle choices that we are presented with on the internet.

Thus, we will end up being confused for a long time in our lives going through excessive numbers of trials and errors to hopefully one day figure out what we value and what we don't.

Looking at the numbers of trials and errors that will take us to become aware of who we are and what we value, our goal as parents is to eliminate majority of the trials that are more likely to lead to errors. This would be possible through education of the many life skills that we have already learned and will learn through our own trials and errors.

It is very important to transfer our knowledge (The data we have collected as parents) within our families to our future generations. something that we have done in our society throughout history. Except we have always had people who would reach out to learn and apply. Now imagine if we were taught to apply.

The main components of eliminating the trials are the accuracy and precision. As we are able to teach the younger generation our core values, we can significantly increase the accuracy and precision metrics of eliminating the trials that lead to an undesirable outcome for our children (and partly us because we don't want to see our kids living a miserable life).

This is the end of issues, causes, and consequences. It was more of a transition phase into what we are trying to achieve and why the core values are important with some data backed content in the future.

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