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  • Ali Sadeghinia

Our first and most important influencers in life

When we are all born, for majority of people, our first role models, influencers, and heroes are our parents. But, from time to time, different stages of life, we struggle to remember that.

Both parents and children lose sight of this from time to time.

Most kids usually start distancing themselves from their parents around puberty and they mostly come back around in their adulthood, or in the true absence of stability.

Typically that is when they get to the realization that where they are and what they have achieved have all been greatly influenced by the hard work of their parents.

We tend to realize our blessings later than we should.

Especially, the younger generations and generations to come in the future. Everyone is going to be affected by this issue. This is stemmed from many factors but one major factor is our lack of gratitude for what we currently have. For kids this lack of gratitude is very much so impacted by whether they are conditioned for instant gratification or delayed gratification.

Our problem with this specific issue is that, we try to find influencers and role models in our life that could help us reach where we want to go, yet the most important influencers are the people who raise us.

Kids are too young to understand this issue; however, parents who are much older and have accumulated all their wisdom over years and years of struggles, must become more conscious of the fact that the most important job in their life could be passing their knowledge and wisdom in an efficient and impactful way to their children.

Stay tuned for more issues, causes, and consequences...

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