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  • Ali Sadeghinia

Kids learn from those closest to them

Just like adults, the circle of friends that kids have, the circle of social media celebrities they follow, and the circle of close family members around them are the people that are actively involved in influencing your kids. It is very important for everybody and especially your kids to have the right influencers around them. I said especially kids because the younger someone is the more likely they are easily influenced by their surroundings. This is not news to anybody.

This is a common understanding between all parents.

But parents are not connecting and/or influencing the kids properly.

Yes. Unfortunately, in today's fast pace society, where we all are becoming more and more busy, willingly or unwillingly chasing the better life at a constantly growing speed, we are slowly becoming more unconscious of our lives outside of our work.

Most people look at this issue and put the blame on someone or something else.

Yes. We can cut back on our work and be more present at home. We can change our job for a lower paying job to lose some of the stress we have.

But, that isn't really the answer to solving this problem. It isn't the fact that we are overworked, and/or tired. It is only the outline we have created for ourselves to have an excuse for our other responsibilities. Our other responsibilities that we have tried to delegate to schools, teachers, caregivers, etc. Yes, our future generation.

We put so much trust into other people for raising our children, and we wonder why family members are becoming more emotionally distanced from their family, resulting to lack of proper communication between all people in our society.

Stay tuned for more issues, concerns, and consequences...

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