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  • Ali Sadeghinia

1. Discipline

One of the most important behaviors that someone could develop in their life is their ability to have discipline. Not only this is one of the most important behaviors, but one of the key components of anyone who is or will be successful.

most people nowadays mistake having discipline in certain areas of their lives to be enough.

But, the reality is that we all need to learn to integrate the disciplined behavior we have created for ourselves in one area into another area of our life. This is one of the most crucial understandings about discipline that many people tend to miss.

which leads into...

We are taught to create discipline but have never been taught to understand how we create discipline.

Most people create their disciplines through creating a habit that is joyful for at least a period of time, which helps with the release of our happy hormones (Won't get too technical, irrelevant for the purpose of this post).

It is important to learn how to create a system for ourselves where we can find the habits that bring us joy, and more importantly we must learn to create/direct our focus to the joy in a habit that we want to create.

What the younger generations actually learn instead is massively different.

I have noticed that parents struggle with teaching this topic to their children quite a lot. They have difficulties in paving a clear path or a strategy to teach the younger generation about discipline.

Then there are 2 ends of a spectrum:

1. Parents who force their children into doing what they believe helps the children. (strict parents)

2. Parents who let their children do whatever they want to do. (easy going parents)

In my opinion the old-school thinking of parenting is not the determinant anymore. They will all have a random outcome more or less.

Unless, the behaviors that are commonly seen in the successful is taught to the children; and Discipline is one of the most important ones.

This is just a short summary of the issues that seem to be prevalent and how one can learn/teach the ability to create discipline.

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