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Promote conscious parenting through exercises and services that focus on implementation of your family Values, Vision, and Lifestyle to better prepare your kids, Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.


My vision is to educate our future generation the values we lack today.

Wish We Learned Younger

My name is Ali and I am a financial, mental and physical coach for all ages. I have coached kids from the age of 7 all the way up to senior adults 60+.

My background in education is very broad; however, my expertise are in the world of Finance, Physical and Mental Health/Performance.

I believe that our kids are one of our most important responsibilities in our lives; yet, I constantly see parents that are not staying conscious in this game. They have become comfortable with auto-pilot behaviors. The biggest problem that is brought upon us with this attitude, is entitlement for our kids through instant gratification.

I was the entitled kid growing up.

There are many stories that I would love to share with you but all in all I was very fortunate to have been forced out of my comfort zone and the "safety net" to be able to grow out of the terrible entitled identity I was carrying with me everywhere.

Everyone's situation is different but the most common yet still rising issue among the younger generation is a very unjustifiable sense of entitlement.

While my parents did the best they knew, as I am sure most of our parents do, with the utmost support and love; one thing missing is the emphasis on teaching kids our family values and life skills that we have accumulated that would be extremely helpful for their growth. This in my opinion is the most crucial determining factor in our children's future.

Our goal isn't to necessarily make sure our kids are not spoiled. Our goal is to make sure we understand the outcomes that the entitlement comes with. There are many outcomes that could be a result of entitlement; however, one outcome that is of least likelihood to happen is sense and understanding of responsibility and independence.

After all, our main goal as parents is to raise our children knowing they can take care of themselves and the community they end up being a part of.


  • Master's in Finance with Concentration in FinTech.

  • Bachelor's in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

  • Physical and Mental Health Coach:

    • CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting Certifications​

    • Mental Health First Aid Certification


  • Fitness Coach (Work with Ages 7 to 60+)

  • Financial Coach for Small Companies

  • President of Various Academic and Non-Academic Clubs

  • NFL, College, and High School athletes Coaching Experience

  • Other Mental and Physical Performance Facilitation/Service Provision

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